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Founded in 2022, Newsworthy LLC works with clients on both sides of the screen, offering services for those who report the news and those who want to make news. Our media consulting group brings more than 50 years of experience in news, including TV production, development, digital content, public relations and pitching, SEO, web development and user experience. We also offer in-person and virtual training sessions for organizations looking to demystify the journalism world and better understand how to land coverage and leverage a mass audience. We work with all budgets, and are available on retainer or per-project basis.

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and newsrooms

We work with you on editorial strategy and tactics, content creation and audience development across all platforms.

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We work with you on image management, training and public relations, including news releases and story placement.

File photo of someone holding a remote (Erik Mclean)
Olsen Ebright, Newsworthy LLC principal


Olsen Ebright


Olsen Ebright is a media consultant and principal for Newsworthy LLC. He’s worked in local TV news for 17 years, including eight years leading the KTLA digital team in Los Angeles, growing traffic to become the most-visited local TV news website in the country and launching KTLA+, the station’s first-ever smart TV app, garnering 30 million midroll impressions a month.